“Feed 5000” seeks to feed as many people as possible while in partnership with local food pantries. Help Mosaic Church make “Feed 5000” a family-centered serve experience. We encourage all family members to participate in shopping for the items listed below. And above all, to join us in praying for those who are in need within our communities. Boxes and shopping lists will be handed out after service, beginning Easter Sunday, March 31st. Volunteers will then be available to receive donations on the following 3 Sundays April 7th, 14th, & 21st). Any donations can be brought to Mosaic Church during normal business hours and on Sundays and dropped off in the Community Cares Corner.
Food List –
1 can of MEAT, 1 pound of PASTA, 3 cans of VEGETABLES
1 can of SPAGHETTI SAUCE, 2 cans of FRUIT
1 can of BEANS, 3 cans of SOUP
1 jar of PEANUT BUTTER, 1 box of HOT CEREAL
1 jar of JELLY (no glass), 1 box of POTATOES or RICE, 1 box of MACARONI and CHEESE