We’ve all been looking forward to this time of year, and now it’s finally here!  The Tuesday night Mosaic Women on the Move Connect Group is going outside to a park near you starting on Tuesday, May 2nd!  Each Tuesday, we will pick a park with a hiking or walking trail, connect with other women at Mosaic, do a devotion together, and then close in prayer.  This all started three years ago when I was praying about the women’s group on Tuesday nights, and God whispered “Take it outside”.  It’s been such a special time of connecting with other women at Mosaic and even other women from other areas of our lives as women bring friends that we are continuing again this year.

Sign up below in order to be notified by email.  We will also post on Facebook every Monday night where we will be on Tuesday night.  Feel free to provide the name you use on Facebook, and we can add you as a member of the Mosaic Women on the Move Facebook Page.

We start at 7 pm and generally try to finish up around 8:30 pm; although, we have been known to continue connecting with each other under the lights or even head out for ice cream!