Have you ever been praying or praising God when suddenly the atmosphere changed? It became ignited with the presence of God. Or in a church service, where everyone is worshipping or praising and all of a sudden you feel a change in the air. Something happened to alter the atmosphere and when it did – it brought God on the scene. When God’s presence shows up – everything changes. And nothing is impossible. In a set atmosphere, distraction is removed and the people become focused on the Word. And when they are focused on the Word, their faith rises. And when their faith rises, miracles happen.

So what does this have to do with you? This is your church and we want you to take as much ownership of the atmosphere as staff and lay leaders.

We're challenging you to pray breakthrough prayers in your own words or using the prayer list below. Pray that all who will enter our doors will encounter God. Pray for first-time visitors and those reigniting their faith. Pray for healing and reconciliation. Pray for those barely making it and those having an excellent week. Pray over the worship team, staff, and all serving. Pray over the Pastors and Speakers. Pray over the children and students in Family Ministry. Bind anything that needs to be bound. Invite the Holy Spirit to join us this week and every week. Let's commit to doing this together.